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Puget Sound WHO Breath in Constructive Rest Hṛdaya mantra with Justine Fanarof, JD, MPH, E-500 RYT

Someone in my somatic practice group asked for a down-regulating practice to use when feeling charged and experiencing insomnia. I shared this practice via text, and after teaching it to a private student today decided to record it and share it more broadly with all y’all. I have been teaching and practicing variations on this practice for many years, please let me know how it lands with your experience, and drop a message via the connect page if you want to connect more deeply.


Heart Mind Balancing Meditation with Justine Fanarof, JD, MPH, E-500 RYT

This heart mind balancing meditation is a gift for you.

You don’t need anything fancy to do this practice, just your body and a chair.

Before you play the audio recording, find a comfortable seat, feet on the ground, hands resting on your thighs.

Start to feel your breath, in and out through your nose, releasing the exhale out of the mouth as necessary to let out any pent-up energy/frustration/anger/grief, etc.

Know that your eyes can softly close if that’s comfortable for you, or you can rest your gaze at something soothing within your visual field.


Breath & Social Justice with Kids
Music, movement, connection, trust, breath, justice, inquiry, space to listen and be listened to…this was a fun class shared with the fifth grade class at Austin Jewish Academy (AJA).

Thank you Ms. Hidalgo for inviting me to speak about social justice with the kiddos, to learn about their interests, and to practice some movement and yoga together!

Yoga & Social Justice with Ms. Hidalgo’s 5th Grade Class at Austin Jewish Academy