Beginners’ Yoga & Meditation Series

Beginners’ Yoga & Meditation Series with Justine Fanarof

How did you get started with yoga, Justine? How do I get started with yoga?
Justine Fanarof started her formal yoga practice with an Intro to Forrest Yoga series with Heather Onori at the Forrest Yoga Circle in Santa Monica, CA in 2001. Justine honors this solid foundation from which she learned yoga by offering interested, new to yoga, and those wanting a refresher in yoga practice, breathing exercises, and yoga philosophy a Beginners’ Series at Blossom St. Yoga Shala.

In the Beginners’ Yoga & Meditation Series, students will learn:

  • Breathing exercises, in Sanskrit these are called pranayama
  • Physical postures, in Sanskrit these are called asana, including hand postures, mudra in Sanskrit
  • Gentle and supportive meditation and relaxation practices, such as following the breath and using corpse pose, in Sanskrit savasana, to create a space for rest and renew
  • How to use props to support the body during yoga practice and meditation
  • How to take care of themselves in a yoga class with a range of practitioner abilities
  • Yoga philosophy and other items as noted by Justine to be of interest and use to each specific participant

Class size is small so students receive direct and present attention.

Once a student completes Beginners’ Series, Justine will speak with the student and they will collectively decide whether the student is ready to participate in group classes, or if the student will stay in the Beginners’ Series for an additional period of time. Some students may want to stay in Beginners’ Series for a longer period of time, depending upon their needs and level of comfort in moving into group practice. If Justine is working with a student in group class and notices they may benefit from Beginners’ Series, she will speak with the student directly about her observations. Beginners’ Series is a thoughtful, caring, and safe space to learn yoga, regardless of age, ability or other factors.

Please contact Justine regarding signing up for Beginners’ Yoga & Meditation Series.