Press + Student Testimonials

What has yoga helped you heal?
Yoga has helped me heal my relationship with expectations—both of myself and of others. Through diligent practice and ongoing study with my teacher (pranam), I allow myself space to be present. I’ve come to understand that everything happens not for a reason, but as it should. It’s a powerful distinction that allows me to live in beauty, grounded but free.
–Justine Fanarof
Mantra Magazine, December 2013, premier edition
Houston Chronicle article about Forrest Yoga featuring Justine.

“I have so much respect for Justine as a yoga teacher and person. I started taking her class 5 years ago when I was injured and could no longer play the violin.  I had tried everything and no luck until Justine’s class.  Justine taught me to breathe and gave me the care and attention in class that really helped me heal.  Her class helped me develop the strength and flexibility I needed to play the violin again.  Each class seemed perfect for what I needed each and every time.  I attribute my come back to Justine; without her outstanding teaching I think I would be in another profession and not doing what I love. I look forward to her class each week.  She instills her love for yoga in her students.  I am forever grateful.”
Sonja Harasim, Violin Professor, Concordia College

Justine Fanarof offers tremendous insight into the physical and holistic practice of yoga. She nurtures a beautiful exploration of self and the external through mindfulness and movement. I cannot recommend her gifts strongly enough!
Robin Kesselman, Principal Bass, Houston Symphony Orchestra

“Justine’s yoga practice breathes life into me. When I find myself gasping for air, I come to her studio. When I leave, my heart and mind are open as the sky.”
-Linh Nguyen

“I LOVE being in your class! I feel I am making little improvements that are translating into big changes, both physically and emotionally, and I feel really strong and balanced. Yesterday at your instruction I decided that joyfulness would permeate my practice–I was smiling, laughing and beaming inside (and sometimes outside) the whole time. I decided to feel as though I was in a roaring lion pose at the core of every pose you led us through, and the result was powerfully joyful! Thank you for your wise and loving instruction.”
-Seth Roberts, MD

“Justine is a compassionate yoga teacher who brings a wonderful spiritual energy to her class that helps me be present in my practice. Her hands are magical, a loving touch guiding me to breathe, to feel my body release into the pose.  Justine is encouraging, energetic and positive. I love that she occasionally adds music or other components to spice up the class and make us be present in a different way.  She is a fabulous teacher!”
-Susan Schneider

“Justine is a very natural teacher.  Every class with Justine is a pleasant journey, easing you in and easing you out.  Class is always different and fresh.  In most classes, I am aware of where I am and what time it is.  But Justine has a way of instructing that lets me forget all of that and just be present.”
Lauren Reichman

**All studio portraits of Justine by Andrew Royal Degas. Thank you Andrew!