Group & Private Class Descriptions

  • Group Yoga Classes: Breath focused slow, yet strong hatha yoga classes, that incorporate a variety of grounding traditions including Forrest Yoga, Pralaya Yoga, Tibetan Heart Yoga, and other practices (e.g. Acro Yoga, ballet and modern dance, energy work and creative artistic processes). This practice includes a physical approach to strength, stability and flexibility, and a focus on the subtle body, service, compassion, and meditation.
  • Private and Semi-Private Yoga Lessons: Tailored to your specific needs, desires and goals, private classes are personal, fun and challenging. Private classes allow beginners to safely learn yoga basics. Private classes are an excellent format for intermediate and advanced students and teachers to deepen their own personal exploration of breath, body and spirit.
  • Intro to Yoga: For beginners or anyone who needs a reintroduction to asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises/techniques) and meditation.  We move slowly and you learn basic poses across the spectrum of Hatha Yoga.
  • Yoga for Athletes: You already have a physical practice, yoga complements and supports you with core stability, breathing techniques, focus, mindfulness, visualization and relaxation.
  • Yoga for Musicians:  Using props to support your fingers and wrists, this class strengthens your core while connecting you more deeply to your breath and your passion.
  • Yoga for Lawyers:  Grounded in my training as a lawyer, these specifically tailored class sequences work to strengthen the core and ease the stress associated with sitting, reading and thinking.
  • Yoga for Public Speaking:  Grounded in my training as a yoga teacher and news producer for ABC & BBC News, this workshop focuses on using the breath and other yoga techniques to feel confident, energized and grounded while teaching or presenting.

Please contact me directly for information regarding all private classes and yoga workshops.  I am available to plan successful and useful yoga based experiences for individuals, groups and corporate events.