Yogi, Know Thyself ™

Justine Fanarof yoga teacher training meditation mindfulness Houston Texas TX

Yogi, Know Thyself ™ is an ongoing exploration of svadyaya, or self-study, in a sourced and experiential space of personal practice, self-care, and inquiry.

Yogi, Know Thyself ™ is an alternative to rah-rah yoga teacher training programs. It offers substantive intellectual content and physical practice to the whole human being who wants to steep themselves in their own understanding of ancient and modern wisdom and compassion practices—without pushing become a yoga teacher dogma. If that ensues, wonderful, but our focus is on the personal practice journey.

Please contact Justine for more information regarding current Yogi, Know Thyself ™ offerings including Yoga Nidra Workshop + Practice and Seasonal Altar Practices.

Workshops + Community Offerings

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