asteya satya aparigraha bramacarya ahimsa ethics restorative yoga sustainable social justice social action yoga for a world out of balance michael stone justine fanarofIn asking and reflecting upon the big questions, through dialectics and embodied experience, we allow for space to experience the life practices of going deeper into our selves.

Justine Fanarof is a lawyer and yoga teacher. The coming together of these two practices is her life’s work. Her teaching explores the ethical basis for practice and includes specific work in embodying these practices in ways that support and encourage conscious and values rooted lives. An advocate for social justice and human and civil rights, Justine continues to look, find and rediscover that the ethical practices of the ancient yogis are important frameworks for the current and ever evolving relationships we have with ourselves and others.

Essentially ethics are an ongoing and deeply interrelated practice; they are best experienced and understood as we live our precious lives! And, through this purposeful practice, we learn to become grounded yet free again and again.

Justine teaches ethics based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to yoga teacher training programs. Please contact her directly for more information regarding scheduling ethics workshops at your studio.

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