Yoga Nidra Meditation

In yoga nidra meditation, we move through various layers of the physical, subtle, and energetic body in order to access and cultivate somatic nourishment and relaxationhere we discover a profound way to internally source and experience well-being, spaciousness, and wholeness.

Yoga nidra meditation is practiced while resting comfortably on your back (supine), in savasana (corpse pose) with blankets supporting the body. If the practitioner is not comfortable resting on their back, additional resting poses are offered.

During yoga nidra meditation Justine skillfully guides practitioners through an exploration of the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving them with a sense of wholeness, rest, ease, clarity, and peace.

These aspects of freedom are what we cultivate through yoga and meditation practices.

According to the yoga tradition, we have five bodies, kosha in Sanskrit, made of increasingly finer grades of energy. Think and feel them as you would Russian matryoshka dolls, one resting within and supporting another, and each supporting, informing, and nourishing the whole.

They are described in the Taittiriya Upanishad (6th Century BCE):

“Human beings consist of a material body built from the food they eat. Those who care for this body are nourished by the universe itself.

“Inside this is another body made of life energy. It fills the physical body and takes its shape. Those who treat this vital force as divine experience excellent health and longevity because this energy is the source of physical life.

“Within the vital force is yet another body, this one made of thought energy. It fills the two denser bodies and has the same shape. Those who understand and control the mental body are no longer afflicted by fear.

“Deeper still lies another body comprised of intellect. It permeates the three denser bodies and assumes the same form. Those who establish their awareness here free themselves from unhealthy thoughts and actions, and develop the self-control necessary to achieve their goals.

“Hidden inside it is yet a subtler body, composed of pure joy. It pervades the other bodies and shares the same shape. It is experienced as happiness, delight, and bliss.”

Justine Fanarof’s Yogi, Know Thyself ™ Yoga Nidra Workshop + Practice focuses specifically on seasonal energy, clearing the mind to soften and nourish the heart, and accessing deeper comfort with and understanding of the deepest layers of our beings.

In our time together we will:

  • Learn about the subtle body and yoga philosophy,
  • Discuss yoga nidra meditation postures, propping, and experiences,
  • Move into a gentle asana practice to shift focus from the mind into the body,
  • Find our way to the ground to place our blankets and bolsters in the best way for each practitioner, then,
  • Be guided through the practice of yoga nidra meditation and experience it for ourselves.

Yoga Nidra Meditation is:

  • Practiced lying down with the comfortable support of your mat, blankets, and bolsters,
  • Suitable for most people,
  • A unique practice that cannot be done incorrectly,
  • Adaptable and changeable for a variety of practices,
  • Easily incorporated into your daily life,
  • A tool for reducing stress and creating more flow in life force and vital energy, and
  • A lifelong practice to discover intimacy with yourself.

Please come to this practice ready to learn more about meditation and willing to do the practice of letting go and letting be. Gentle asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath work), and meditation will be aspects of our time together.

What you’ll need from the outside:
-comfortable clothes that support and contain you
-your yoga mat
-a face cloth
-2-6 blankets
-access to Zoom

What you’ll need from the inside:
-the willingness to tap into your more subtle layers and explore meditation
-a desire to learn a meditation technique and practice yoga nidra meditation

REGISTRATION: Yoga Nidra Meditation classes are updated on the schedule page. To register for any of the classes or series please Venmo or Zelle me in advance and include your email and what you are registering for in the subject line.
Venmo @justinefanarof

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Yogi, Know Thyself ™ is an ongoing exploration of svadyaya, or self-study, in a sourced and experiential space of personal practice, self-care, and inquiry.