Altars, Intentionality & Self-Care: 2019 Grounded in Spiritual Practice

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Altars, Intentionality & Self-Care: 2019 Grounded in Spiritual Practice

Sunday, January 13, 2019 from 3-6PM at Sama Yoga

  • What does it mean, look like and feel to create a sacred space for you to utilize in daily life?
  • What do you use to ground your practice on the daily?
  • How and why do you set intentions?
  • How is spiritual practice a part of self-care?
  • What support do you want to bring in in the New Year?
  • How do you maintain your balance, understand what brings you stasis and support personal integration?

In this workshop, we will explore the practical experience of setting clear intentions for 2019 and create a personal altar to use in daily life as a reflective space for self-awareness and spiritual and personal practice. The intention and care used to create your altar at the beginning of the year supports spiritual practice and self-care throughout the next 52 weeks, and creates a space for continued intentional living and spiritual ground in life’s cycles.

In this workshop, we will take some time to set clear intentions for 2019, construct a small altar that reflects and supports the intentions set and practice together with our creations and intentions in place. You’ll then be given guidance and support to take your altar home and set it up as a sacred space for supporting pause, peace, ease, ground and daily practice in your life.

Advance RSVP is required for this intimate practice.


Please bring: (1) 4-8 small personal objects that feel true and clear to you in the present moment, and that you want to utilize in a personal altar for the next year, (2) a small vase that can hold water and a few flowers (3) your yoga mat and (4) be ready to learn, create, move, breath and sit.

Suggestions for altar items: gemstones, pine cones, sand in a glass bottle, seashells, prayers/mantras, incense, deities (some people like to put them on their altars, not required at all), candles, photographs of spiritual teachers, dear ones, special rocks, feathers (some people like to put living items on their altars, some don’t—ultimately it’s your sacred space and you can put what you want on it), yantra or other spiritual art and mala beads. Items should be personal and have clear energy from your perspective.

Prep-work: Please start thinking now about your values and intentions—what do you want to bring into and ground your life in in 2019? What do you want to cultivate? What are you ready to release? What needs polishing? What needs cleaning? Start creating the space for clarity, purpose and passion. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale feel the preciousness and expansiveness of this life. Know there is specific power and access to energy when a group does this intentional practice. Yay!

See you soon.

Justine Fanarof has been teaching yoga and creating altars for many years. She enjoys utilizing the space of the New Year to curiously assess where she’s been, where she is and where she’s going. She super-enjoys bringing together beautiful and significant objects, which are used to construct a home altar that reflects and supports goals and intentions for personal, professional and spiritual practice. This altar is the grounding point in her every day life—a space that encourages peace, passion and pause, a place to reflect upon and to nurture. Ultimately the altar is a reflection of the self—its beauty, depth, change and dimensionality.

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