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Yoga for the Holidays Gift Packages


**Yoga For the Holidays Gift Packages**

Friends—I’ve got a few wonderful, fun, supportive and thoughtfully-put-together packages for you to consider for your holiday gifting and receiving:

Yoga Under the Mistletoe/Yoga Aphrodisiac: A Couples Package

Three 50-minute sessions for $350 or Five 50-minute sessions for $500

These build on one another and focus on specific partner work to improve connection, energy and subtle body awareness. Through the work you do on the mat you’ll learn more body awareness and have the opportunity to deepen the spaces of intimacy with yourself and your partner.

Stretch and Release

Three 50-minute sessions for $350 or Five 50-minute sessions for $500

Are you training for the Houston Marathon, or working your body really hard in other physical and mental aspects of your life? In this special series we will work together to bring stretching, ease, support and peace into your life. Together we’ll learn about the way you’re using your body and create an easy to remember/practice regimen for you to use in between training sessions. This series is perfect for that person who says, I cannot touch my toes, but secretly wishes they knew how to get there.

Mindfulness 101

Five 50-minute sessions for $500

This class provides the guidance and support to understand what a mindfulness practice is (and is not), teaches you how to find and take your seat, introduces you to the tools of mindfulness including the breath and mantra and gifts you with a solid foundation to bring these practices into your life. The five sessions are specifically tailored to you. They build on one another to support and develop a meditation practice that works for your needs and lifestyle.

Yoga Nidra for Everyone

One 90-minute session $250, group size up to ten people, please contact me for larger group pricing

If you’re looking for a different way to chillax and find deep rest with your friends, family or co-workers this holiday season let’s Yoga Nidra together. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that you do lying down on your back or side, supported by blankets and pillows! Through the practice of Yoga Nidra your brain effortlessly transitions into an altered state of consciousness that helps you relax, focus and sleep better. In this session you’ll be guided through a short, all level yoga practice, followed by full body relaxation mediation. Yoga Nidra can be effective at bringing the mind into a theta, delta state (the space of healing) or deeper state of relaxation and is endorsed by the US Army Surgeon General and Defense Centers of Excellence as a complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of trauma and PTSD. If you haven’t experienced this practice before you are in for a deep and restorative experience. Some people say it is #lifechanging

Family Yoga

Three 50-minute sessions for $350 or Five 50-minute sessions for $500

Let’s do yoga together! In this special class we will practice yoga together with your beloved and crazy (yes, I said it/you know it!) family. We will have fun, bring in joy, cultivate laughter and loving attention, partner up and move into relaxed stillness together. This is a wonderful way to be together in a healing, supported and loving way.

Deepen My Practice
Three 50-minute sessions for $350 or Five 50-minute sessions for $500

In life and on the mat it’s helpful to have a teacher a few steps ahead of you to support practice and awareness. Let’s work together to support the deepening of your practice in a way that allows you to find more freedom and ease in your life. This series is for those who want to learn more about themselves through the physical and energetic body and through further developing their regularity in or want to establish a home practice, wherever they are in the world. Meditation, pranayama, asana, restorative, ethics, altars & intentionality, bhakti, mantra, japa, yoga nidra…let’s go deep into what you are curious about experiencing.

**Fine Print on All Sessions**

Location is in a mutually agreeable space—either your home or my home studio.

Yoga for the Holidays Packages are final sale; they can be transferred with mutual agreement.

Yoga for the Holidays Packages expire on August 30, 2019. The purpose of these sessions is to get into your body and develop a practice of self-care in 2019—please be ready to commit and get going towards the beginning of the new year!

Please contact Justine directly for more information:

Teaching Ethics

Grateful to have the opportunity this past weekend to share compassion and wisdom practices with the amazing students participating in Svasta Yoga School’s training program. It’s not everyday that we get to dig into ethical action and its impact on interdependence. Thank you to the students for showing with open heart and minds. ethics course justine fanarof.JPG

Something for Everyone

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 a lovely group of festive Houstonians gathered to raise funds so that women who work in the restaurant industry can access a continuum of health services, including preventive, diagnostic and treatment care. We drank locally harvested jasmine liquer cocktails, danced to one of the Houston’s best DJ’s and sax players and were led by Carla Hall of The Chew and Top Chef fame to feast, festivate and raise funds to support health services organizations. I am so proud of what everyone has done to make this happen; with women coming together, everything is possible. #ihwshtx #womenshealth #preventivemedicine #divinefeminineSomething For Everyone

a five step values practice…making choices.

inspired by a lecture given by dr. jill carroll at the jung center, houston. i am using this practice to more deeply understand my power in choice.

  1. what are my three core values?
    • for example, currently mine are:
      • love, wellness & freedom
    • the practice here is to reassess regularly and in the context of relationship with both self and others.
      • for example, if you are married and are struggling with how to balance schedules with kids, work, partner, etc., might be useful to discuss and understand your collective values and reflect together on how time is spent and does your “busy-ness” prioritize your values or other things that really are not that important to you.
  1. what is the source of my values?
    • did i choose my value? or was it placed on me by my religion, parents, society, partner, etc.
    • what are my spiritual reference points?
      • is there consciousness in the source of how i ground my life?
  1. do i value my values?
    • what am i actually creating?
      • do my choices reflect my values? do my values reflect my choices?
  1. do i have the capacity to rescind a value/choice if it is not aligned with my authentic self?
    • can i yield?
    • am i adaptable?
    • am i fluid?
      • where there is movement, there is life…
        • what did i learn from this choice/experience?
  1. do i trust my authentic self?
    • what supports me when nothing supports me?

there is also choice in the practice of acceptance, as taught by viktor frankl…another post, forthcoming.