the Wisdom of Dr. King

Like many of you, today I’ve been taking the time to sit with Dr. King’s teachings, including the I’ve Been to the Mountaintop address, which was given a day before he was murdered in Memphis, TN in April 1968.

Dr. King was in Memphis supporting the efforts of the sanitation workers who were striking in response to the workplace death of two of their colleagues, with demands for fair pay and humane working conditions. If you’ve seen the I AM A MAN poster, you may know it was used by those marching.

As we sit deeply in this moment of reckoning, I continue to struggle with the system of whiteness that was created to enslave, imprison, murder, and subjugate millions of people of color. I vow to keep listening, acting, and participating. I vow to stay aware, awake, and connected to community, even as we struggle with isolation during the pandemic.

This is the practice of yoga on the mat and into the world.

I am ecstatic this week our world will see a man of faith and principles and a woman of color and clarity, both compassionate, wise, and experienced, lead the USA. May we step forward into a new space. May we continue to see the stars!

Watch me first:
The Root: 1,300 Men: Memphis Strike ’68

Listen to me next:
Dr. King’s I’ve Been to the Mountaintop address, Memphis, TN, April 3, 1968

Get involved now:
Marjorie Joseph, ED Houston Coalition Against Hate (HCAH) and I wrote a letter May This Moment regarding the insurrection at the Capitol and next steps for moving forward. We encourage you to read the letter, and to get involved. If you’re able to donate to HCAH, please know we appreciate any amount.

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