Mindfulness for Lawyers, Law Students, the Legal Community & the People Who Love Them

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We know that cognitive functions become degraded after high-stress intervals. We also know that mindfulness practices are protective against decreases in well-being, mind wandering, and declines in core cognitive functions such as attention and working memory.

On Tuesday, October 1, 2019, I’m teaching a special Mindful Law Firm course for lawyers, law students, the legal community, and the people who love them, on how to recognize and reduce stress and anxiety (note, the body and the breath) to support wellness and nurture professional responsibility. We will practice gentle yoga stretches and practical breathing exercises to restore balance, and we will understand how to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life with a focus on the joys and challenges of a legal environment. My dear friend and celebrity Chef Monica Pope will provide us with nourishing snacks!

Please click here to register!

“Research has fund that mindfulness can reduce rumination, stress, depression, and anxiety. It also can enhance a host of competencies related to lawyer effectiveness, including increased focus and concentration, working memory, critical cognitive skills, reduced burnout, and ethical and rational decision making.”

-The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being

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