Jewish Mindfulness Mini Retreat

Jewish Mindfulness Retreat Justine Fanarof Ariel Sholklapper Houston Texas
Since my time in Israel with Jewish Federation of Greater Houston I’ve been feeling a deeper proximity to shekinah/divine presence. So I’m super excited to post about the next exciting event and ongoing collaboration with my dear soul brother Rabbi Ariel Sholklapper and The Jewish Mindfulness Center of Texas.
As the darkness of this time of the year surrounds us with a range of feelings and experiences, here is an opportunity to support one another in turning towards the lights of community, wisdom, peace, ease, and presence.
Hope you’ll mark your calendars to join us at Congregation Beth Yeshurun on Sunday, December 22 for this in-town mini retreat. Full or half day participants welcome. Scholarships available.
I’ll be teaching gentle yoga in the AM and Yoga Nidra Meditation with a reflection of kavanah/deepest heart’s intention in the afternoon.
Lots of beautiful and useful teachings and practices on tap, all for you. And you. And YOU! ❤
Please register here:

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