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Here it is y’all, my Canva masterpiece. There are no words to describe how good it feels to connect with people on Zoom in the space of mindful learning and yoga/spiritual practice during this current situation. A day that started for me with tremendous anxiety relaxed and was washed away as I practiced, taught, and connected with my dear yogis. Thanks y’all for showing up.

**Current Situation Yoga @Home w/ Justine Zoom Schedule**

I’ve worked to create a good balance of times and opportunities. Strong Hatha & Restorative (Sunday morning Blossom St. Yoga Shala vibe), FAMILY Yoga (all ages, all abilities, all bodies, all hearts, all are welcome to breathe & be together), Balancing Heart & Mind Meditation aka ❤ M (seated) & Yoga Nidra Meditation (lying down). This a group online class schedule. If you want private online yoga & meditation classes please contact me directly.

I suggest printing this out and posting it where you’ll enjoy seeing it–old school schedule style!

If you’ve been doing Yoga Nidra please note the new Meeting ID and Password for all classes, below in Zoom instructions and here:
Meeting ID: 832 819 2470
Password:  yogiknow

*All classes are $20. For family class, a family is considered a group of people in a household up to 5 people. After that you’re starting another family and will be counted as such.

To join the session you must pay me in advance via VENMO. My venmo name is @justinekerri

You will only be admitted to the class once you’ve paid—please plan to pay at least an hour in advance of each session so you get admitted. If you come for any of the 10:30AM classes, you can stay for the ❤ M as a gift of practice to you from me.

If you don’t yet have Venmo you can pay via PayPal:

So that’s $20/per person (family for FAMILY class) per session. Sessions are not refundable, although if you mess up the time zone you can come to another class. Based on what I’ve learned thus far: please don’t ask me for a refund if you mess up the time or can only come to 5 minutes of class—please know I love you, and this is my livelihood as a self-employed single woman. I’m proud of what I do, and what I can offer y’all during this intense time. I am making a commitment to show up for you with integrity, creativity, and presence, please do the same when you show up for this sangha/community. And, of course I understand that shit happens, you don’t have to explain what’s going on in your life, and let’s be clear and in agreement that this is the deal with these classes from the onset. Thank you in advance.

*If, and as I have done so for the past 20 years, you are wanting to practice and the fee is too high for you, please send me an email message letting me know what’s up and we will figure something out.

*Zoom is an awesome way to connect with others while being in your own home. Unlike apps, we are together, and we will have an opportunity to connect, chant oms, and be with one another in the comfiness and security of our own homes. Don’t expect an expert video set-up, I generally don’t practice while I teach and will likely be giving verbal instructions most of the time, not demoing. I invite you to go inside and discover the guru, or teacher, within. She is beautiful.

We will greet one another at the beginning of class and then you can turn off your video, I’ll mute you, and you can do your practice in your pjs, panties, takaras, or what have you. If you turn off your video I won’t be able to see you, so if you want feedback on form, etc., please know you are welcome to keep your video on. Panties too.

I do Zoom sessions with private clients when they or I travel so I’m experienced in this format—it’s great, you will love it!

*Meeting ID & Password for all the classes
832 819 2470

*I am committed to my well-being, to your well-being, and to the well-being of all sentient beings on this planet. I am also committed to the earth and truly feel that she is asking us all to take a break and rest. So let’s rest and be together, online.

Let’s stay sane and do yoga and meditation together. See you in the CLOUD.

ZOOM & VENMO Instructions/Links

Getting on Zoom: you want to be here—it’s what’s happening now

Create an account

Login to our meeting room prior to the time of the class—you’ll be in the waiting room and then I’ll admit you once I see that you’ve paid for class.

Meeting ID & Password for all the classes
832 819 2470

This can help you learn how to join a meeting:




**Schedule is current through the end of March. Changes, additions, and special treats will post on insta, FB & my website.



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