Stay Home Texas, Take Care All Y’all

Texas population: 29 million. Per DSHS number of coronavirus tests given to date: 427,210. That’s about 1.5 % of the population. As someone with a Masters in Public Health, I’m saying to each & every one of y’all, including myself — stay the f*^# at home. There is nothing that we need that we can’t wait a little while longer for.

Mullets are now cool! Grey hair, cool! Long nails, no nails, cool! Patio time with friends, not cool. Support local restaurants by ordering pick up, cool! Staying home, physical distancing, cool! Walks in nature, cool! Going for a walk on the beach, practicing physical distancing, cool! Being out and about without a mask, not cool. Cooking with friends on Zoom, cool! Flash mobbing Central Market, not cool. Human beings are still generally cool, and/but we need to give our species some space to work out what it needs to with this virus, and vice versa (virus versa;). This requires time, patience, care, and understanding.

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I know this is a hard time. And, we can choose to hold the challenge of this time in the field of care, with love and compassion. And, this too shall pass.

There have been much, much, much, much more challenging experiences/times, in recent & distant history, for our species.

Enjoy the challenge of this era–enjoy the quiet, the space, the silence, the lack of stimuli. Discover what it means to sit with yourself, with anxiety, fear, joy, all the feels, and discern what feels like is “yours” and what may not be. Work gently and diligently with the mind to sit with the uncertainty. Become an innernaut, fascinated with your own energetics, the feeling of your breath as it moves through your body, the way an onion transforms in a skillet filled with olive oil, the way the birds gently fly through the air. Lie on your back, with one hand over your heart, another over your belly and feel the sacred life in and through you.

Offer patience and willingness to learn to your families, friends, neighbors, strangers, and pets. Offer those gifts to yourself. First and foremost.

Be here now.

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