Rejoice/Reset PM/AM Practice

I’ve been contemplating what would be nice to share with y’all this week, and am feeling a gem for this time is a Rejoice/Reset PM/AM Practice. As the mind is particularly powerful and sensitive to thoughts right now, may this bring you peace and ease.

Rejoice/Reset PM/AM Practice

Practice in this form:

Every evening before you go to sleep you are invited to you REJOICE and ENJOY every beauty you’ve had in your life. Feel it all in a powerful, embodied way, the term hallelujah comes to mind!

Feel fully all the glory, goodness, beauty, joy, love, gifts of friendship, and sweetness in your life. Let those feelings move you, resonate, and radiate with you through every cell as the last thing you experience before you go to bed—no journaling or seated meditation, nothing overly formal!


As soon as you awake the mind uploads the default ________ (insert your name here) and you can change the default state every time you wake up.

We can change the default state every time we wake up. Mic drop.

So when we wake up in the morning, let’s rejoice again at the gifts of our life—flutter the eyelids, feel the life force, rejoice, and awaken to a new day.


If it’s helpful for you, print this out and keep it by your bed as a colorful reminder of REJOICE!

These images came to me today via snail mail from Elle in Marin. She’s the youngest daughter of my soul sister Jodi. They bring me so much joy. Thank you Elle! Love you ❤

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