The Jung Center, Houston, Spring 2020 Offerings

Justine Fanarof yoga ethics mindfulness jung center houston yamas yoga nidra spring teacherI am honored and delighted to be on the teaching faculty at The Jung Center, Houston. This Spring I’ll be teaching two courses, Ethics for Yoga & Mindfulness Teachers & Practitioners and a Spring Yoga Nidra Practice.

1. Learn and Live the Yamas: Ethics for Yoga and Mindfulness Teachers & Practitioners
Saturday, February 8, 2020

Learn to apply concepts from ancient yoga philosophy to the modern practices of yoga and mindfulness. Together we’ll contemplate the yamas, the framework of ethical practice as laid out in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. When we begin with the five yamas, our teaching grows roots and encourages the practitioner to tune into the world in an action-oriented, aware, and compassionate way. This workshop is suitable for teachers and students of any style of yoga and meditation.

Recommended reading: Yoga for a World Out of Balance, Michael Stone.

Jung Center Member: $40.00
Non-member: $45.00

2. Spring Yoga Nidra Practice
Saturday, April 4, 2020

According to the yoga tradition, we have five bodies, kosha in Sanskrit, made of increasingly finer grades of energy. Think and feel them as you would Russian matryoshka dolls, one resting within and supporting another. In Yoga Nidra meditation, we move through the gross layers of the physical form and through the kosha, accessing somatic nourishment and relaxation; here we discover a profound way to internally source and experience well-being.

Yoga nidra meditation is practiced while resting comfortably on your back with props supporting the body. If the practitioner is not comfortable resting on their back, additional resting poses are offered. We will explore the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving us with a sense of wholeness, rest, ease, clarity, and peace. These aspects of freedom are what we cultivate through yoga and meditation practices.

We will focus specifically on the energy of spring, clearing the mind to soften and nourish the heart, and the deepest layers of our beings.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, 2 blankets, and a washcloth.

Jung Center Member: $40.00
Non-member: $45.00

Please register for both classes via the links above on The Jung Center’s website!

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