International Women’s Day

Visionary Art by Autumn Skye ART

A poem I wrote today to honor, celebrate & acknowledge women today and every day.

Slay Sisters by Justine Fanarof

Slay sisters
With our wisdom, beauty, compassion
And peace
Slay with our hearts
Slay with our minds
Slay with our bodies
Yes our bodies belong only to us!

Slay to save the earth
Slay to save ourselves

Slay the forces of patriarchal misogyny that keep us collectively subjugated
Slay for our sisters whose minds are closed
Slay for our brothers whose wives are kept at home

Slay for our queerness, our transness, our blackness, our Jewishness & our Latinx
Our intersectionality a force

Slay in a way that would make Frida, Golda, Maya, Fannie Lou, Ann, Barbara, Dolores, Granny Trudy, Rosa, Beyonce & Michelle smile
Slay like Donna Jean, Bonnie, Joan, Ella, Emily, Amy & Wynona
Slay for our mamas
Slay for our souls
Slay all the dragons that nightmares and fairytales host
Slay for the endings that happiness lost

Slay for the children, a Universal Declaration of their rights unsigned
Slay for America, our liberty shakily enshrined
Slay for one another, our amigas del alma
Slay and rest and let our dreams intersect

In this time of now what else can we do
But what we love and protect the undue
Burden of a judiciary broke
We slay for all ladies, and pray justice is woke.

Slay for the light
Slay for the dark
Slay and rest and eat and play
And together we continue
Down to earth
And up to sky
Slaying because it’s our heartfelt warrior goddess teacher human cry

Justice Justice we shall pursue
Equality Equality

We are due.

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