Musings on the Heartspace from My Puget Sound Viewpoint

I’m writing this staring out the window into a beautiful Pacific North West bay, ancestral home of the Coast Salish peoples, colonized as Washington state. From every angle on this island the eye is captivated by water and mountains, and green space, rolling into the waves in an infinite dance of patterns and textures. Poppy-Jai is desperately attempting to get me to play with her, … Continue reading Musings on the Heartspace from My Puget Sound Viewpoint

Tuesday evenings in May

I was invited by Laura Parker, my magical friend/neighbor, to participate in a Beltane celebration. We gathered at Anna’s beautiful farm outside of town, lay quilts down, practiced and shared healing arts, ate a beautiful potluck meal, and made flowers out of crowns. It was a meaningful gathering of like-hearted folx, and it was my first time teaching and sharing energy work in person since … Continue reading Tuesday evenings in May

Fangs Out

I have a daily reader I’ve worked with for many years, and this is today’s quote: You menace others with your deadly fangs. In tormenting them, you are torturing yourselves. -Milarepa*, 1152-1135 In past years I have wanted to skip past readings such as today’s, as they left me feeling uncomfortable, and at times I didn’t know how to deal with the intensity of these … Continue reading Fangs Out