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Summer I Practice Series: Somatic Mindfulness Somatic Intelligence

This summer we will move deeper into our ongoing study of somatic mindfulness with a seven part series using Lama Willa Baker’s beautiful book The Wakeful Body, Somatic Mindfulness as a Path to Freedom as our practice text. Look forward to a deepening somatic intelligence and learning practices that set and end your day with intention and awareness. Seven Tuesdays in June & July 2023 … Continue reading Summer I Practice Series: Somatic Mindfulness Somatic Intelligence

Spring II Practice Series

I am about to embark on an epic drive down the California coast from Berkeley to Ojai. Word on the street is there’s a wildflower super bloom and I’m here for it. In the spirit of travel, adventure, gratitude, and freedom I humbly offer an opportunity to join the sangha for Spring II Practice series, a yoga and meditation journey to cultivate balanced, grounded, loving … Continue reading Spring II Practice Series

International Women’s Day

A poem I wrote today to honor, celebrate & acknowledge women today and every day. Slay Sisters by Justine Fanarof Slay sistersSlayWith our wisdom, beauty, compassionAnd peaceSlay with our heartsSlay with our mindsSlay with our bodiesYes our bodies belong only to us! Slay to save the earthSlay to save ourselves Slay the forces of patriarchal misogyny that keep us collectively subjugatedSlay for our sisters whose … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Poema 14: Juegas todos los días con la luz del universo

Magical words from Pablo Neruda. I was first read this poem in my early ’20s while living in Costa Rica (circa 1998), gracias Bets. If you speak a little Spanish I suggest taking your time with it, reading it out loud in the stanzas and feeling the tone of the words. If you don’t speak much Spanish, it’s a really nice exercise for the brain … Continue reading Poema 14: Juegas todos los días con la luz del universo

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BLOOM: Spring I 2023 Practice Series

How do we continue to BLOOM? Spring I Practice Series: BLOOM Spring I is a continuing exploration of the cultivation of connection, peace, and ease…I’m excited to ground and expand with y’all! Practice FocusDeepening our internal awareness/external presence practices with the soft foam roller, bolster, and core work to support a healthy spine, going inside for subtle practices in the pelvic floor and heartspace, and … Continue reading BLOOM: Spring I 2023 Practice Series


OMFG it’s 2023 (say that out loud, it may elicit a smile.) Hineni, here we are, in a new space of creation and contemplation. Perhaps today feels eerily similar to ayer, perhaps it feels completamente diferente. Where do intentionality and action intersect? The range of human experience, simultaneously subjective and objective, is fascinating to bear witness to and behold. And, what and how am I … Continue reading INTENTIONALITY

Tuesday Evenings Mindfulness: Winter 2022 Series

Hello 2022–what a long, strange trip it continues to be. So, let’s gather on Tuesday evenings at 8PM Central for gentle movement, connection, and mindfulness practice. Winter series is from Tuesday, January 11, 2022 through Tuesday, February 22, 2022. Join for the series or drop-in as your schedule allows. GENTLE MOVEMENTMINDFULNESS OF BREATHSOMATIC MOVEMENTYOGA NIDRA MEDITATION Sessions are one hour, and will be recorded and … Continue reading Tuesday Evenings Mindfulness: Winter 2022 Series