a five step values practice…making choices.

inspired by a lecture given by dr. jill carroll at the jung center, houston. i am using this practice to more deeply understand my power in choice. what are my three core values? for example, currently mine are: love, wellness & freedom the practice here is to reassess regularly and in the context of relationship with both self and others. for example, if you are … Continue reading a five step values practice…making choices.

look at the sky

a note from jack kornfield: When times are uncertain, difficult, fearful, full of change, they become the perfect place to deepen the practice of awakening. After viewing the elections… Whatever your point of view, Take time to quiet the mind and tend to the heart. Then go out and look at the sky. Remember vastness, there are seasons to all things, gain and loss, praise … Continue reading look at the sky

the yogi delights

wishing you all a peaceful weekend. rest well darling yogis. below is a section from one of my favourite books. it well encapsulates why practice is so profoundly engaging, and why i love teaching, learning and embodying an ethical practice. –eight limbs as therapeutic redux– because our primary suffering is alienation, the yogic path of therapy begins with reestablishing relationship with other. ethics (yama) comes … Continue reading the yogi delights

well it looks like rain & it feels like rain

I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain. Did you too? Filled with ideas, sleepiness, a bit of anxiety, curiosity at what the day would bring, interest in my social media worlds, wondering if the rain would continue on throughout the day and if my work calendar would be full. My general habit is to check the weather forecast in the morning—sometimes … Continue reading well it looks like rain & it feels like rain

the first step is to realize that you need to relax

i reference judith lasater’s book relax and renew on an almost daily basis. her gentle and precise instruction grounds me and provides a rich reference for both my personal practice and my teaching. i’m sharing with you her guidance on the centering breath practice because i use it. and as my own human guinea pig, i know this breath practice works to ground and center … Continue reading the first step is to realize that you need to relax


i love teaching private yoga sessions because they are an incredible opportunity to connect with another person in a focused, intimate, healing and powerful way. i recently started working with a new student and just emailed him a summary of our practice. it’s a basic practice that incorporates a tai chi warm up, and a focus on the fluid movement of the spine. i’m putting … Continue reading private.yoga.practice

mi querida amiga

mi querida amiga: the law of making friends with yourself in the law a “shall” is an always, and a “may” is permissive. so here’s the law of self-compassion: i shall pay attention to my heart. i shall remember that i am love. i shall best friend myself. i shall practice daily awareness and gratitude. i shall participate in sangha. i shall advocate for those … Continue reading mi querida amiga