Tuesday evenings in May

I was invited by Laura Parker, my magical friend/neighbor, to participate in a Beltane celebration. We gathered at Anna’s beautiful farm outside of town, lay quilts down, practiced and shared healing arts, ate a beautiful potluck meal, and made flowers out of crowns. It was a meaningful gathering of like-hearted folx, and it was my first time teaching and sharing energy work in person since the pandemic began almost two years ago.

I offer the practices of May with an intention of sharing the wisdom and compassion of healing metta, with prayers of loving kindness for all beings, in honor of all we have collectively lost and found in these light and shadow times.

May we gather together in meaningful ways.

May we nourish community.

May we feel loved, rooted, grounded, and free.

—You are invited to join our Zoom based sangha/community, where the energy flows every Tuesday evening thanks to the magic of the Zoom engineers–thanks y’all!—

Sliding scale always available.

This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before!

-Maya Angelou

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